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Talentcare Takes Austin

Talentcare works hard, then plays hard at their 2022 December All-Hands in Austin, Texas.

On December 7th, the Talentcare team made their way to Austin, Texas for their annual
"All-Hands" and holiday gathering. Flying in from all across the country and... Italy (nbd!), the team met (some for the first time ever) to talk business and of course, fun! 

What began as a small Healthcare Recruiting Firm back in 2013 with about 2 people and a business plan written on the back of a napkin, has flourished into a talented and diverse team of (almost) 50, and a comprehensive offering of hiring solutions that go way beyond recruiting and way beyond just healthcare.

This year's All Hands event truly was something special as we came together to meet face-to-face, talk about the forward-looking future of Talentcare, reflect on our values, and appreciate the different backgrounds and perspectives of our growing team. 

Our Values & Pink Bunny Slippers... What?

What the hell are Pink Bunny Slippers?! Wouldn't you like to know? Well, at Talentcare, we stay true to our roots and what built us from the ground up...and that is our values. 

At each All Hands event, Talentcare leaders present Pink Bunny Slippers to those who have lived up to our values, day in and day out in the way they interact with clients and colleagues, and show it in their day-to-day work. These 5 values are the defining factors of what make up our culture and make Talentcare a TEAM. So congratulations and thank you to those who have been recognized this year for embodying our values every day!

As the year comes to an end, the Talentcare team has grown stronger than ever before and we can't wait to see what 2023 has in store for us! (Besides our 10-year anniversary😜). 

Hear About the Experience From Our Team

Enedina "Nena" Diaz
Hiring Manager Liaison

"Painting with a TEAM🎨

During our Talentcare All Hands in Austin, TX, we were invited to Painting with a Twist. I have never been there, but I was very excited and committed to make a cute art piece and I believe it turned out super CUTE!

We were asked which of our five values we felt most aligned with. My value was “test and learn always.” I realized that If you are passionate about what you do even if you have never done it before, you will always accomplish your goals.⛄️❄️

✈️ I am very proud of my painting and I carried it with me 4 Uber rides, two flights, 3 Airports and 3 hours on the road home!🏡

Thank you
Talentcare for challenging me to explore, test, and learn new skills all while always having my back!!"

Colleen Cupp
Marketing Communications Specialist

"In June, I joined a fully remote company and have already flown out to Austin, TX twice to meet with the whole team. I never thought that by working for a remote company, I would actually make lasting friendships, but Talentcare proved me wrong.

The bond at Talentcare is truly something special and I am so grateful to work for a company with such a positive and inclusive culture.

At our All-Hands last week, we talked about our core values and how they align with each of us. One being “be you” which really stood out to me because, in the past 6 months, I have been encouraged to be my true and authentic self and couldn't feel more comfortable and happy to work with the group that I do.

So, a HUGE shoutout to Talentcare for blessing me with such an amazing team!"

Beth Blanck
Director of Recruitment Marketing

"The Talentcare all-hands meeting was equal parts challenging and so rewarding. I got to meet teammates in person, get to know them and have real and transparent conversations.

I did a lot of listening and observing and cannot wait to take what I’ve learned to help grow our Recruitment Marketing initiative.

We were asked which of our five values we felt most aligned with. Mine was “be you” — so, here’s me being me at our holiday party … at the bowl. Funny how things come full circle." 

Beth Bowling2

Amber Cody
Hiring Manager Liaison

"I experienced my first In-Person All Hands meeting with Talentcare this week!

The networking and leadership was such an amazing experience. One thing that stuck out to me was the discussion of Talentcare’s Values. Our team was challenged to reflect on how these values align with our own personal and professional values. I was blown away with how much these 5 simple values resonate with me in some way, shape or form. Even though they are simple, they are bold and speak large volumes.

These values are now proudly posted in my home office as a reminder to reflect and act on as I start each day."

Michelle "Elle" Aldridge
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

"The Talentcare team spent last week in Austin for our company All Hands. I cannot begin to describe all of the positive outcomes of these events, and I can honestly say I have never been more proud to be part of such an amazing team.

One of the best parts of our culture is that you can genuinely “Be You”. We spent some time talking about the value of so many backgrounds and perspectives, as well as how important it is to feel genuinely at home in your workplace so that those perspectives can be heard.

It’s a rare circumstance that a company can say that this value is truly reflected by every single person in a company… so here is proof - our CEO photobombing the picture, just being his goofy and relatable self."

Do you have what it takes to be as cool as us and want to join a remote team that doesn't feel remote? Well, you're in luck because we're hiring and looking for amazing teammates!

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