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What's New, What's Coming - May Edition

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Spring has sprung and the fun definitely has begun for Talentcare! Read about our super awesome news, feature releases, and what’s brewing this summer!

What’s New

Talentcare Welcomes Lorraine Riche as Chief Growth Officer  

Client success is the top priority at Talentcare and to achieve success, you need growth.

Lorraine Riche has a rich (see what we did there😉) history of leading successful businesses through growth phases and will not only serve as Talentcare’s Chief Growth Officer, but as your Chief Growth Officer too. 

Lorraine Riche Joins Talentcare as Chief Growth Officer

Read all about Lorraine’s leap to Talentcare here.

Get Down to the Nitty-Gritty with Advanced Search

Looking for some specific information in your Talentcare platform? The Advanced Search tab provides the capability for more detailed searches when looking for specific job and candidate information. 

Now you can find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds…we don’t call it “Advanced” Search for nothing! 

ICYMI: A Brand-New Place to Sign In

This is a friendly reminder that we moved our sign-in URL to tc1.us. Why? To enhance accessibility and security for our users as we continue to grow our platform with additional features and integrations. 

Begin signing in to your Talentcare platform at tc1.us (if you aren’t doing so already) so you don’t get FOMO on the new and coming features.


ICYMI: Single Sign-On with Google and Office 365 

It’s not too late, get on board…Sign in to the Talentcare platform using your Google and/or Office 365 account. 

NOTE: You can ONLY use the Single Sign-On feature IF you sign in at tc1.us (hence the FOMO). 

What’s Coming

Additional Sponsored Job Ad Opportunities Coming Soon 

Purchasing advertising for your jobs is easier than ever with the Talentcare platform's Paid Job Ads feature. And soon, we'll be adding a few more sponsorship opportunities to the list.

Get ready to sponsor your job ads (straight from the Talentcare platform) on:

        • ZipRecruiter
        • Pandologic 
        • Jobcase

To see the full list of job advertising opportunities navigate to the Paid Advertising tab in your Talentcare platform. Click here to learn how to purchase job ads.

MORE Actionable Insights in Your Reporting Dashboard

Because we’re data dorks, we’re always working to enhance our reporting, and soon, in your Talentcare platform, you’ll be able to access the following reports:  

        • Candidate Source Metrics
        • Candidate Drop-Off

We hope you enjoy these new goodies. Stay tuned for more! 

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