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What's New, What's Coming - April Edition

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We told you, we're coming in hot with the super cool new stuff this year and we're ready to show you what we've been working so hard on the last couple of months!

What’s New

A Brand New Place to Sign In 

We moved our sign-in URL to tc1.us. Why? To enhance accessibility and security for our users as we continue to grow our platform with additional features and integrations.

YES, we said additional features & integrations...you'll want to keep reading! 


Single Sign-On with Google and Office 365

Happen to notice something new on the tc1.us sign-in page? That's right! You can now sign in to the Talentcare platform using your Google and/or Office 365 account

NOTE: You can ONLY use the Single Sign-On feature IF you sign in at tc1.us.

Learn more about Single Sign-On in the knowledge base.

Sync Your Google & Office 365 Calendar to Your Talentcare Platform 

You can now sync your Google and Office 365 calendar to your Talentcare platform to streamline the interview scheduling process and engage candidates from one place.

This nifty feature is designed to make it easier for candidates to schedule interviews directly with recruiters/hiring managers based on their real-time schedule. 

Google - Office 365 Calendar

Get Specific with Advanced Candidate Search

The Advanced Search tab provides the capability for more detailed searches when looking for specific data and information about your candidates.

Running an advanced search in the Candidate tab returns information and data about your candidates.

Talentcare Exhibited at the 2023 Vision Source The Exchange Conference 

We have 20/20 vision when it comes to spotting the right candidates for our clients. That's why we packed our bags and headed to San Antonio last week to exhibit and spill the tea on hiring at the 2023 Vision Source The Exchange Tradeshow.

David & Bre at Vision Source The Exchange Tradeshow

ICYMI: Improved Reporting Experience with Actionable Insights

Better reporting, better results. It’s finally here! A new look in your reporting dashboard (as we like to call it… a reporting makeover) and here’s why you’re going to love it: 

  • One login, one place to access reports–no more separate systems to log into 
  • Find the data you need fast with enhanced reports and analytics 
  • No action is needed from you – it’s now in your Talentcare platform

Navigate to the Recruiting and TC Recruiting tabs to: 

  • Access an overview analysis of trends
  • Review your overall recruiting health based on key indicators 
  • View candidate cycle times during the recruiting process

NOTE: If you do not see the TC Recruiting tab, this is because you do not have recruiting services with Talentcare. 

Login to get started!

What’s Coming

Get More Exposure with a Catalog of Sponsored Job Ad Opportunities

Purchasing advertising for your jobs is easier than ever with the Talentcare platform's Paid Job Ads feature. And soon, we'll be adding a few more sponsorship opportunities to the list.

Get ready to sponsor your job ads (straight from the Talentcare platform) on:

  • ZipRecruiter
  • Pandologic 
  • Jobcase

To see the full list of purchasing opportunities navigate to the Paid Advertising tab in your Talentcare platform. Click here to learn how to purchase job ads.

MORE Actionable Insights in Your Reporting Dashboard

Because we’re data dorks, we’re always working to enhance our reporting, and soon, in your Talentcare platform, you’ll be able to access the following reports:  

  • Advanced Job Search 
  • Candidate Source Metrics
  • Candidate Drop-Off

We hope you enjoy these new goodies. Stay tuned for more! 

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