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What's New, What's Coming - November Edition

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Thanksgiving might be over but we’re still cooking up some great things for you as we are approaching the holidays!

What’s New

News from Indeed: Job Seekers May Set Minimum Base Pay Requirements

Indeed just dropped a new feature allowing job seekers to personalize their job search and set a minimum base pay.

What does this mean for you? Opportunity! Ensure that jobs in your Talentcare platform contain accurate and up-to-date salary ranges, so they are seen by more of the right job seekers on Indeed. 

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How to add salary ranges and get more applicants:

  • Already have salary ranges on jobs in your Talentcare platform? You’re golden!
  • Don't have salary ranges on your jobs?
    Here's how to add salary ranges to your jobs in the Talentcare platform. 

Take no action and Indeed will present their estimated salary range on your jobs.

Welcome new clients to the Talentcare Family!  

We're thrilled to welcome our newest clients to Talentcare: Frontera Strategies, Solace Pediatric Healthcare, Big City Optical, Atlantic Aviation, and The New England Center for Children!

We're excited about these new partnerships and thrilled to be a part of their recruiting and hiring adventures. 

The Art of Maintaining a Strong Reputation During Times of Turnover 

Your employer reputation matters when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. But what happens to your brand during times of turnover?

Check out Turnover SUCKS! Don't Let it Ruin Your Reputation to see how you can maintain a strong reputation with an effective offboarding strategy.

Turnover Sucks - Blog Header

ICYMI: Take Control of Employee Turnover with the Turnover Report

Break down payroll data to identify patterns or trends by location, role, or hiring manager. It can be broken down into tenure lengths, so you can identify if there is a particular location contributing to early terminations, or a manager who needs some training.

What’s Coming

Actionable insights at your fingertips with an improved reporting experience.

Better reporting, better results. It’s almost here! A new look in your reporting dashboard (as we like to call it… a reporting makeover) and here’s why you’re going to love it:

  • One login, one place to access reports–no more separate systems to log into
  • Find the data you need fast with enhanced reports and analytics
  • No action needed from you – it’ll automagically appear in your Talentcare platform

Google Calendar Integration Coming SOON!

You will soon be able to sync your Google calendar to your Talentcare platform to streamline the interview scheduling process and engage candidates from one place.

This nifty feature will make it easier for candidates to schedule interviews directly with recruiters/hiring managers based on their real-time schedule. 

Have Office 365? You can use this feature now: Learn more and get started.

We hope you enjoy these new goodies. Stay tuned for more! 

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